Enhancing Safety & Productivity through Collaborative Robotics


Automate intralogistics with autonomous mobile robotics (AMR)

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Discover the benefits of AMR technology and how it is reshaping the landscape of intralogistics, including use cases already implemented in Australia. Our experts will show how warehousing and logistics with robots can help you reach optimal productivity, drive efficiency and enhance safety on the shop floor.

This informative webinar is perfect for those looking at taking the next step in automation by integrating AMRs into existing processes to drive measurable returns without wholesale changes to your processes and set up.

Key takeaways

  • How robots can improve staff safety and reduce risks of accidents

  • The factors that enable optimal warehouse and manufacturing productivity

  • Examples of how AMRs transform logistics and production processes

Hear from our expert

Martin Keetels leads Konica Minolta’s robotics business

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