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Large volumes of diversely profiled information can often be chaotic for organisation, reporting and interpretation. This makes transformation and information management critical and urgent. A key starting point of any transformation is capture, because this is the point at which all data, information and documents that enter and leave a business is captured and is the start of information flow in an organisation. However capture is often overlooked. In this on demand recording of our webinar, John Harding asks customers to Rethink their World of Work. Most organisations are unaware of the data in their organisation, and the true challenges associated with lack of visibility of this data. Find out how powerful seeing this data can be with digitisation. 

Key takeaways

  • How data and visibility affects you
  • Why digital readiness is the key to growth
  • Where to start your digitisation journey
  • How to leverage technology to improve your business processes

Our Speakers

John Harding, the Solutions Lead - National Print Management Professional Services, Konica Minolta


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