6 Reasons Why Schools Are Printing In-House

30 Aug 2016

While schools are becoming more digitised, there are still some things that just have to be printed: application forms; exam papers; yearbooks; event posters; prospectuses; and more. Schools usually outsource printing in a bid to save time and money. 

However, this is not necessarily the right approach. By bringing professional printing in-house, schools can actually save both time and money in six key ways:

1. Control and cost savings. To achieve printing and finishing discounts from outsourced printers, schools often have to order a minimum amount, which may end up being surplus to requirements. Managing the process in-house means schools can produce these materials as required, reducing waste and delivering more control over the entire process. 

2. Flexibility. Being able to respond fast to things like requests for prospectuses gives schools a potential competitive edge. This flexibility to print materials on demand reduces the chance of existing materials going out of date and becoming unusable wasted.

3. Quality. New technology means high-quality digital printing is as good as offset printing. Schools can also maintain control by monitoring jobs as they are printing, which means they can make adjustments where required. 

4. Consistency. Using the same equipment and processes for every print job can help schools ensure their materials are presented correctly and consistently, every time. This helps with the integrity of the brand. 

5. Bulk printing. By automatically sending larger smaller print jobs to the print room instead of printing on office multifunction printers, schools can save time and money, freeing up time on office multifunction printers for the smaller print work. 

6. Customisation. Printing professional-quality materials in-house provides opportunities to customise materials on the fly to create personalised print collateral.  

How Konica Minolta can help

Konica Minolta works closely with schools around Australia to find ways to streamline their processes and lower costs by better managing print volume and complex printing requirements. Cutting-edge solutions help schools take back control and improve print room functionality and capacity, letting schools realise significant time and cost savings. 





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