A benchmark for Innovation: The KM-1

02 Apr 2017

In a competitive environment, where every printing company prides itself on great service, fast delivery and high quality, it is hard to stand out from the crowd. Innovation has never been more important for printing businesses to stand out from the crowd, as well as grow and diversify their offerings.

It has become clear to us at Konica Minolta, that there is a gap in the marketplace.

A need for a printer that can deliver offset-style quality and flexibility with the digital advantage of very short print runs, without incurring high costs.

The solution lay in Inkjet technology. As a leader in the inkjet marketplace, we were ideally placed to investigate the potential for using inkjet technology to deliver offset-like prints, digitally.

The innovative result is the KM-1, a sheet-fed UV inkjet press that delivers all the quality and versatility of offset printing, with the convenience and flexibility of digital printing.

For Australian printing companies, this type of innovation has the potential to help grow their business by offering a unique service. It lets printers offer a whole new range of applications, sheet sizes and stocks. There is no need to do anything special to ready the stock for printing.

Simply put: the KM-1 prints on any type of stock.

New applications made possible by the KM-1 include things like packaging, personalised packaging, niche marketing with specialty stocks, and more.

While offset printing remains the benchmark in terms of quality.  Being able to bridge that gap between digital and offset potentially opens up entirely new revenue streams.

Customer’s demands are as varied as ever, the combination of versioning, personalisation, short or long runs and extremely high quality expected nowadays is something you can’t get from just any printer.

To achieve this type of differentiation, printers must consider what is possible rather than what is already happening, and take advantage of new innovations, such as the KM-1, to stand out in the market.


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