Five benefits of modernising your IT environment with integration

14 Dec 2021

Organisational leaders are seeing the benefits of integration

Digital transformation continues to bring a host of benefits to organisations across Australia. However, digital transformation that consists solely of introducing separate, discrete technologies into the business can create more complexities than it solves. It’s essential to choose technologies that can integrate with each other and with your existing solutions so you can maximise their usefulness and return on investment (ROI).

System integration creates a functional digital ecosystem that can be accessed and understood by staff at all levels in the organisation.

Having these interconnected solutions at the core of an IT system can provide several benefits to the teams who interact with these systems each day:

Consistency of information

Interconnected systems update information in real time, meaning that staff can access the most accurate and up-to-date version of events or customer information that they need to at a moment’s notice. These systems also let users edit digital documents live, which makes digital filing and admin much more manageable for team members looking to re-access information.

Improved agility

Implementing a digital ecosystem also lets departments communicate in real time, providing customer outcomes and solutions to issues as well as fostering collaboration and innovation within the organisation. The transparency between systems that integration provides can build confidence in unfamiliar processes for staff and deliver better quality results.

Greater analysis

Integrated systems also provide the benefit of analysis and comparison, which gives business leaders an all-encompassing view of operations to make more informed business decisions regarding current and future development. 

Lower costs

Maintaining various separate systems can be costly and time-intensive for IT teams looking to keep digital operations afloat. Having an interconnected system can save the associated maintenance costs and give the support team more time to tend to unexpected urgent tasks.

Rise in efficiency

By having access to live updated data, greater team communication, more informed business analysis and available staff time, your business can boost efficiency and productivity, leading to improved outcomes and profits.

Integration with Konica Minolta

When prospective customers get in touch, their number one query often involves integration. At Konica Minolta, we integrate with many common systems and can also work with customised or specialised systems. We also partner with several established vendors that pride themselves on seamless integration options from trusted and reputable software providers.

For more information on the extensive range of integrated solutions that can benefit your business, contact the team at Konica Minolta today. 



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