Five ways to boost productivity in the workplace

10 Feb 2017

Having the flexibility to get out of the office or move your workspace to wherever suits you can really boost productivity by decreasing distractions and reduce stress.

From accelerating your thought processes to prioritising your workload, it’s well worth making time to streamline the way you work. 

1. Organise your thoughts

Grab a virtual notebook - the best ones work as seamlessly with the way you think. Our top picks would be Evernote and OneNote. Both provide a portable, taggable, indexable home for all your ideas, notes, useful documents and web snippets; enabling you to organise your thoughts into an actionable format, synced across all your devices.

Use one of these tools to transform your research, create a daily journal, set up reminders and to-do lists, collaborate with colleagues, or just curate your own resource of inspirational notes.

Try Evernote or OneNote.

2. Own your workload

When your commitments and tasks spill over into different devices and platforms, it’s time for an app like Todoist or Wunderlist to help you take charge, prioritise your workload and simplify your life. Feel confident that your attention is on all the right things, and in the most efficient order, make the most of these list-making apps.

Try ToDoist or Wunderlist

3. Improve your focus

Maintaining focus amongst the hustle and bustle of the open can be a challenge. Research has shown that the right sounds not only create a sense of calm, but a more productive state of mind. For instance, the sound of birdsong has been shown to improve concentration, which is where apps like Noisli come in handy. These apps allow you to create your own personalized soundscape to promote productivity, focus or relaxation. Try it out! 


4. Minimise distractions

Being ‘always on’ and connected at work and in our personal lives is useful, but can also be distracting. For some, it even gets overwhelming. A study by The Future Laboratory found that 73% of workers feel they must be always available for work, increasing stress levels and their likelihood of leaving the job. This is where apps to create “quiet” become useful. Offtime, Flipd, or Moment (iOS only) prioritise or hold back notifications. Helping you stay in the loop and in the zone.    

5. Take your productivity further

Having the flexibility to get out of the office or move your workspace to wherever suits you can really boost productivity by decreasing distractions, reducing stress or simply being within easier reach of clients and off site meetings. This is where apps like Work Hard Anywhere can assist, by locating different offices, cafes and business locations and allow you to embrace a more flexible way of working.

Try Work Hard Anywhere


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