Interview with 3D printing and technology expert Steve Sammartino

25 Nov 2015


3D printing is fast disrupting the worlds of manufacturing, medical science, and auto-manufacturing. 

It’s now also starting to cross the chasm into small and medium sized businesses, where people are realising it’s a great way to prototype products to experiment and to get things to market a lot quicker. Leading-edge schools have 3D printers, thereby letting kids experiment with the tools – much like the PC revolution in the eighties.

Making ideas become physical realities

We recently spoke to Steve Sammartino, digital technology expert and acclaimed author of The Great Fragmentation. In it he explores how businesses should be considering 3D printing.

“I think it is the most disruptive technology we’ve seen in the information age. Humans are great at imaging things and what we saw on the internet was people imagining how they could move information and ideas around. 3D printing actually allows us make ideas become physical realities. Now we can take information and ideas and transform software into physical things.” 

“There’s no reason to feel threatened, in fact it’s one of the most amazing opportunities and rather than trying to defend against it or worry about the negative impact it might have, we need to get involved and participate in the revolution and help shape it.”

Take the first step into 3D for your business

Konica Minolta is passionate about the future of 3D printing and we are here to support and help shape your journey with this important innovation.

Contact us to find out how we can help you plan your approach, and take the next step towards adoption of this exciting technology.





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