Konica Minolta's Eco-Friendly Printing Solutions: Leading the Charge for Sustainability

10 Jul 2024

In the midst of growing environmental awareness, Konica Minolta emerges as a leader in promoting sustainability within the printing industry. With a firm dedication to eco-friendly practices, the company is reshaping printing technology to prioritise responsible production and consumption. 

At the core of Konica Minolta's environmental initiatives lies its ambitious 'Eco Vision 2050'. Originally aiming for an 80% reduction in CO2 emissions, the company has since revised its goal to achieve net zero emissions for the entire product life cycle by 2050. This reflects Konica Minolta's recognition of the importance of addressing climate change and minimising its ecological footprint. 

A key strategy in Konica Minolta's sustainability efforts is the promotion of digital printing over traditional analogue methods in commercial printing. Unlike analogue printing, which relies on various consumables such as printing plates, blankets, rollers, fountain solutions, and cleaning chemicals, digital printing eliminates the need for these components. Printing plates, typically made of metal like aluminium, and printing blankets, made of rubber, are integral parts of analogue printing processes. The production of these materials often involves resource-intensive processes, including mining metals or producing rubber through petrochemicals, contributing to environmental degradation and CO2 emissions. Additionally, analogue printing requires significant water consumption for washing up these components after each use. By transitioning to digital printing, Konica Minolta reduces its environmental footprint by minimising the use of these materials and resources, thereby promoting a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach to printing.  
The KM-1e Inkjet technology, certified by INGEDE for de-inking, ensures that ink can be efficiently removed from the paper, facilitating the recycling process and contributing to resource conservation. Furthermore, the KM-1e emits no volatile organic compounds (VOC), setting it apart from other digital B2 platforms. This not only enhances environmental friendliness but also makes it compliant with stringent regulations. Additionally, the KM-1e's adherence to emission standards makes it suitable for industries with strict regulations such as food safety (certified by FDA) and toy manufacturing, further demonstrating Konica Minolta's commitment to sustainability and safety. 

The AccurioJet KM-1e offers several environmental advantages over traditional offset printing methods. By streamlining the production process and minimising paper waste,  
this innovative technology helps reduce CO2 emissions and conserve resources. Moreover, Konica Minolta's proprietary HS UV ink ensures a clean working environment by emitting no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), promoting employee health and well-being. 

In addition to technological innovations, Konica Minolta actively collaborates with its customers and suppliers to promote sustainability throughout the printing supply chain. By sharing knowledge and best practices, the company empowers others to adopt eco-friendly solutions and reduce their environmental footprint. 

Core insights: 

  • Konica Minolta's ECO vision target has been revised to achieve 100% emissions reduction by 2050. 
  • The AccurioJet KM-1e receives the highest rating from JFPI for its eco-friendly attributes. 
  • Konica Minolta's HS UV ink minimises waste and emits no VOCs, contributing to a cleaner environment. 

James Rolland, Product Marketing Manager at Konica Minolta, emphasises the environmental benefits of the AccurioJet KM-1e, stating, "By advancing traditional digital technologies... it can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 80% compared to other UV ink press technologies." He highlights the importance of sustainable printing solutions in meeting customer demands and driving business growth. 

In conclusion, Konica Minolta's commitment to sustainability sets a precedent for the printing industry, demonstrating that eco-friendly practices can lead to both environmental preservation and business success. As the world continues to prioritise environmental responsibility, Konica Minolta remains at the forefront, pioneering innovative solutions for a greener future. 



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