Making the switch to inkjet production print

09 Feb 2023

Print is one of the largest manufacturing sectors in Australia, with almost 27,000 employees and more than 6,500 businesses.1 However, despite steady employment growth in the sector, changing market demand has caused a significant level of disruption, pushing many businesses to consider investing in inkjet technology as part of their digital transformation strategy. 

The future of the printing market

The printing industry is set for a future of shorter print runs, innovative technology, and growing product personalisation. According to Smithers’ 2021 market report, the next decade for the global printing industry will focus on adjusting to print buyer demands for shorter and faster print runs.2 This will not only reshape the cost dynamics of print; it will also increase the pressure on businesses to automate their print production workflows to remain competitive and increase profit margins. 

Switching to an automated workflow is sometimes time-consuming and costly; however, the investment is well worth it. New equipment, including digital (inkjet and toner) presses, will help businesses transition to shorter run lengths and support the drive to greater variety in packaging print. This equates to a higher quality of output, faster running speeds, less inventory overhead, and numerous financial benefits. 

The inkjet revolution

The future of inkjet printers is looking bright. Currently, the global inkjet print market is worth US$80.4 billion and is expected to reach US$118.2 billion by 2025.3 The increased interest in production inkjet technology for mainstream document applications is due to several factors; however, legacy business models that aren’t sustainable in the current landscape combined with significant improvements in ink technology and pre-coat fluids are the main drivers behind its adoption. 

Inkjet technology offers several features that unlock productivity and efficiency across the print production process and is the key to securing future business growth. More benefits include: 

  • Superior quality: high-speed inkjet technology is more productive than digital colour toner presses. For example, Konica Minolta’s high-speed inkjet technology has a resolution of 1200 x 1200 dots per inch (DPI) print quality at rated speed. It can print finer, smoother details through higher resolution with little to no warm-up time. 
  • Outstanding flexibility: flexible packaging is a significant part of the packaging market; however, there are many challenges when it comes to flexible packaging, including food safety and de-inking capability. Inkjet technology can print on standard offset print media, meaning there is no need for specialist materials. It also offers easier customisation and rapid changes and is compatible with many packaging materials and substrates that are not possible with Traditional off-set or toner based print production. 
  • High productivity: Konica Minolta’s high-speed UV LED inkjet technology can print at 3,000 sheets per hour simplex and 1,500 sheets per hour perfecting. This enhances business productivity levels by delivering content and quality at higher production speeds, which also increases the cost-effectiveness of the entire print process. 

Commercial production printing: the future is inkjet

Commercial print is rapidly changing with data-driven personalisation and faster and shorter run lengths set to shape the industry over the next decade. Production inkjet technology is a core part of this future and its growth as an innovative technology is bringing a new level of cost-effectiveness, productivity, and long-term success to the print industry. 

At Konica Minolta, we understand the demanding nature of printing and the role emerging technologies play in shaping future business success. To ensure print businesses thrive in a digital landscape, we provide innovative and unique solutions that add extra value, outstanding flexibility, and superior quality. Our revolutionary UV LED inkjet technology provides the best speed, quality and uses state-of-the-art Konica Minolta print heads and sensing technologies. 

To learn more about how our high-speed inkjet technology can help your business reach the apex of performance, contact the Konica Minolta team today.


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