Out with the old: How a new print system can change your business in 2021

12 Jan 2021

The start of a new year is a good time to assess the previous 12 months and decide what we could have done better.

 After the curve balls 2020 threw at us, we can all probably agree that we hope everything about 2021 will be better, but in terms of business ownership what we always want to see is potential for learning, growth and greater success.

The pathway to achieving these goals is often found when we take an outdated system or process and renew it to make our businesses more efficient, less wasteful and in tune with current trends.

Print systems are longer a one-trick pony. We rely on them for more and more outcomes every day, which means we must regularly assess if we have the best set-up in place for our business needs, and how and why a new system could be beneficial.

So, why might you need a new print system?

1. Old printers are costing you more

Outdated, clunky machines that regularly stall, jam or print pages badly are costing your business money. The high repair and maintenance costs aside, ink, toner and paper costs increase every year. The more your printer makes mistakes, the more you have to reprint, meaning cost per page goes through the roof. Having a new, well-functioning, efficient printer will save you time and money from day one.

2. Security has improved with new models 

Now that our printers are connected to Bluetooth and wireless networks, they are another doorway through which hackers and malware can enter and wreak havoc. New print systems come equipped with sophisticated security settings, such as user authentication and swipe cards, and ways to monitor usage, so you can see who is printing what and when. New printers are also able to support data encryption, so contents of documents are scrambled when being sent over your network, preventing hackers from accessing any sensitive information. New systems can also be programmed to delete any data from the hard drive once the job is complete, meaning nothing is stored on the printer itself.   

3. New print systems are more productive

Wireless, cloud-based systems allow employees to print from anywhere, meaning they don’t have to be standing next to a particular machine at any one location. This is especially important now as so many of us continue to work, at least partly, from home. Additionally, being equipped with the capability to produce usage and waste reports, based on who is printing what and when, allows managers to assess and streamline internal systems, saving time and money.

If your print system is older than two years old, it is highly probable that you are experiencing frequent system errors and failures, and that you’re lacking the latest technologies that could be the boost your business needs to make 2021 your most successful year yet.

By eliminating issues like poor quality, paper jams and slow performance, your business will save time, but you’ll also save money by being more efficient and less wasteful. And, don’t forget that small businesses can deduct the business part of some depreciating assets (costing less than $30,000), so the whole cost can be written off.


As we say hello to a new year that we hope will be better for everyone, make a resolution to invest in your business with a print system that isn’t stuck in the past, but can help you grow a brighter future.


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