Small office printers for affordable colour printing

27 Aug 2019

If you’re like many small businesses, you’re looking to manage costs more effectively wherever you can. In many cases, that takes the form of minimising the amount of colour printing you do. But, if you run a business that depends on doing at least a certain amount of colour printing, then you may feel like your hands are tied.

However, colour printing doesn’t have to break the bank and you don’t necessarily have to compromise quality, either.

Depending on the amount of colour printing your business does, you may be best-served by a colour multifunction device (MFD) or, for really professional results, you may want to move to a production print unit.

For most small and medium businesses (SMBs), a colour multifunction device will provide the cost-effective reliability, ease of use, and quality you need.

Here’s what to look for when choosing a colour MFD for your business:


You don’t want your staff members scratching their heads and wondering how to get the output they need from a production-level printer. So, you need a printer that’s simple and easy to use, with functionality available at the touch of a button.

Ideally, your office printer will be as intuitive and easy to use as a smartphone, with the most commonly-used functions easily viewable without spending ages scrolling through irrelevant menus.


With every business a target for data breaches, it’s important to keep your business information secure. You may think printing documents doesn’t create a security risk but today’s printers are connected to the internet, making them a potential target for hackers. You can protect yourself by choosing a printer with built-in security, giving you peace of mind that your documents are safe.


Too often, colour printing takes extra time. That’s time your workers could be spending on being productive, not waiting for their printouts. Choose a colour MFD that processes print jobs fast with no wait time.


Since colour printing isn’t all you do, you don’t want it to be all your printer does either. Look for an MFD that incorporates workflows and process automation to make your employees’ lives easier. This includes scanning directly to SharePoint or Dropbox or even Google Drive or OneDrive.


Adding apps to your smartphone lets you use your device for the things that help you or entertain you the most. Why should your printer be any different? You can select a printer that offers customisability through apps that personalise your printer in the same way you personalise your smartphone. This should include functions that match your workstyle and boost team productivity.


Older colour printers can have a detrimental effect on the environment but modern, environmentally-friendly colour MFDs usually include sustainability features built in. For example, look for a printer that offers an eco setting and low-temperature fusing toner to reduce energy consumption.

It’s also important to choose your colour printer from an organisation that’s committed to environmental sustainability as well as corporate responsibility. Ideally, you should choose a supplier that is committed to ensuring its supply chain is free from modern slavery, for example.

To find out which colour MFD is right for your business, contact Konica Minolta today. We’ll review your current printer fleet and provide the best recommendation for your needs, ensuring you can print in colour without blowing your budget. 


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