Why service makes the difference when choosing a digital print system

08 Jan 2019

Your digital print systems are the beating heart of your business; if they’re not running, then you’re not earning money. So, when it comes to choosing a printer provider, their quality of service should be a key factor in your purchasing decision.

Plenty of providers talk a good game when it comes to service. Few deliver.

Here’s how Konica Minolta has developed an unparalleled reputation for service excellence in a discerning industry:

1. Maximum uptime
We commit to an average response time of two hours and standard service hours of seven am until seven pm, Monday through Friday. Konica Minolta’s engineers are proud of the work they do, they build strong relationships with customers, and are known to go above and beyond their normal duties to ensure the system is back up and running before they leave their customer.

2. Exceptional loyalty
Even if it’s 6pm on a Friday night when you need an engineer, you won’t be left out in the cold. Konica Minolta’s engineers generally don’t clock off until the job is done.  Konica Minolta’s engineers are committed and loyal because they receive loyalty and commitment in return from the company. Every engineer is recognised and rewarded for their contribution.

3. Specialisation
We have dedicated production print service engineers in major cities throughout Australia. In other areas of the country, experienced, highly-skilled, and proficient printer engineers have the experience and know-how to work with print systems in any type of business.

4. Training
All service engineers go through Konica Minolta’s Career Path program, which means they’re thoroughly trained and regularly assessed, progressing as their skills and experiences dictate. They’re required to undertake a minimum of 12 business days’ worth of training every year. However, most tend to over-achieve this target.

5. Autonomy
We have empowered our teams of service engineers to make their own decisions in terms of which calls to prioritise based on: who is the best person to take the job; who has the tools and parts on hand to fix the issue in a single visit; who has the best knowledge of that client’s business and requirements; and who can get to the customer soonest to minimise their downtime.

6. Self-containment
Engineers are provided with a fully-equipped and stocked van with all the parts and tools they’re most likely to need, as well as access to more parts via drop points if required. On the slim chance the part isn’t available locally, it’ll be delivered to major capital cities before eight am the following morning.

7. Remote diagnostics
Konica Minolta service engineers can diagnose faults and even fix them remotely in many cases. When a service order is placed, it goes to the dedicated production print helpdesk located in Sydney, which is staffed by production engineers, not just call centre workers. This means they can immediately review the details and see if they can help fix the issue over the phone. It is our goal to provide a successful resolution over the phone in up to 20 per cent of cases.

8. State-of-the-art communication
State-of-the-art remote communication between the Accurio range and the Konica Minolta service organisation relays all relevant system data in real time so that the service team can see what’s needed. It can also trigger automated services like delivering consumables when they’re about to run out, or pushing firmware updates and device settings directly to the machine.

This combination of the right attitude, regular and consistent training, and state-of-the-art tools means Konica Minolta customers get the best service experience and, most importantly, maximum uptime from their machines.

To find out how we can help you maximise your uptime, book an appointment today.



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