Catholic Education Western Australia chooses Konica Minolta to optimise print output with a cloud-first approach

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Customer Success Story: Catholic Education Western Australia

Catholic Education Western Australia (CEWA) is a state-wide system of 163 schools, colleges, and early education learning and care facilities, providing extraordinary learning opportunities for more than 80,000 students across Western Australia (WA). CEWA serves a diverse range of families who are actively seeking a comprehensive, values-based education for their children, with schools and offices located across the dioceses of Broome, Bunbury, and Geraldton, and the archdiocese of Perth. CEWA prioritises its people, and its goal is to enable students, educators, and the whole community to grow, belong, and feel safe.


“Choosing Konica Minolta as our partner was a strategic decision driven by CEWA’s unique challenges and future aspirations. It allowed us to streamline our print infrastructure and introduce new technologies aligned with our cloud-first approach. Konica Minolta took the time to understand our diverse needs across regional and metropolitan offices, and tailored solutions accordingly.”

Ben Beaton, Team Leader Digital Services And Partner Engagement, Catholic Education Western Australia

The Challenge

CEWA faced significant challenges in managing its printing and document systems across its network of 163 schools and 11,000 staff members in WA. The organisation wanted to reduce costs, improve collaboration, and gain better control over its printing expenses. However, the absence of a centralised procurement system made it difficult to efficiently manage the printing infrastructure. The lack of a standardised solution resulted in different practices among schools and a lack of central oversight at its five offices across WA. In addition to sourcing a consistent, standardised solution, CEWA also sought a partner that would help to transition it to a paperless workflow and support its digital transformation efforts, which focused on a cloud-first approach and the use of Microsoft 365 tools such as Teams and SharePoint.

Ben Beaton, Team Leader Digital Services and Partner Engagement, CEWA, said “Konica Minolta emerged as the right partner for us, offering excellent account management and a commitment to understanding our unique requirements. Konica Minolta took the time to listen and understand the needs of our different offices, whether metro or regional, executive or teaching staff. Based on this insight, the Konica Minolta team built a fleet of 13 managed multifunction devices (MFDs) for our five offices across WA that provided consistency while catering to specific constituents.”

The Solution

The print management solution implementation was successful due to the close collaboration between CEWA and Konica Minolta which fostered a smooth and hassle-free experience. Both teams maintained regular communication and feedback, ensuring that the implementation stayed on track and aligned with CEWA’s specific requirements, which included cost optimisation and improved visibility of print expenses. Ben Beaton said, “Konica Minolta actively collaborated with our team to develop customised dashboards using tools like Microsoft Power BI. Through this collaborative effort, we successfully created insightful and user-friendly dashboards that significantly enhanced transparency in our print management processes. These dashboards have empowered CEWA with valuable data-driven insights, helping us make informed decisions and exercise better control over our print-related operations.”

CEWA’s experience with Konica Minolta has been transformative. The company has demonstrated its commitment to helping organisations like CEWA to reimagine their business operations. Following the initial implementation, Konica Minolta went the extra mile by conducting spot checks with the organisation’s stakeholders to ensure it was meeting its core objectives. Ben Beaton said, “This ongoing conversation, negotiation, and tweaking of the fleet to meet our needs has been invaluable. Considering our organisation’s size and geographic spread, it would have been easy to double our fleet, resulting in significantly higher costs. However, Konica Minolta worked closely with us to optimise our fleet, slimming it down to the essentials while ensuring seamless integration with our cloud collaboration strategy.”

Customer Benefits

The print management solution, consisting of a fleet of 13 MDFs and PaperCut MF, has optimised costs by reducing print output while providing better visibility and control over print-related expenses. Together, CEWA and Konica Minolta successfully developed custom dashboards using Microsoft Power BI, providing CEWA with enhanced transparency and empowered data-driven decision-making. 

The ongoing relationship with Konica Minolta has proven invaluable, extending beyond the initial purchase of the print management solution. CEWA has benefited from value-added services and continuous support, further enhancing the partnership’s value.

Ben Beaton said, “Looking ahead, we have exciting plans to extend our partnership with Konica Minolta and further enhance device management in CEWA’s schools. Our aim is to provide services like printer provision and explore innovative possibilities like hot swapping devices, ultimately streamlining the management of multiple environments through a single pane of glass. 

“Konica Minolta’s team has been exceptional in its openness to new ideas and its proactive approach in exploring value-added solutions. For instance, we are exploring the integration of optical character recognition (OCR) and scanning with Microsoft Dynamics, which would significantly boost our operational efficiency and data management capabilities."
- Ben Beaton, Team Leader Digital Services And Partner Engagement, Catholic Education Western Australia


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