Foxcil prints labels more than 60 per cent faster with bizhub PRESS C71cf Label Press from Konica Minolta

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Customer Success Story: Foxcil

Foxcil, part of the Kirwan Print Group, is a specialist trade label business based in Brookvale in Sydney’s northern suburbs.

The Kirwan Print Group is a privately-held, family-owned company that owns a group of specialist print companies. The group was formed by Roger Kirwan, a well-known member of the Australian print industry. It supplies the print industry with unique print solutions in Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific.


Foxcil turns around projects in two days and cannot have equipment down for more than a few hours. Konica Minolta offers on-site breakdown service four times faster than our other press supplier

- Roger Kirwan, owner, Foxcil

The Challenge

  • Deliver value
  • High quality, fast label printing

Foxcil was established four years ago with just two staff and has now grown to 15 full-time employees. Its success can be attributed to its adaptive and innovative approach to business. Recently, the firm identified the need for a printer that would offer high-quality, fast label printing. 

Roger Kirwan, owner, Foxcil, said, “Foxcil’s focus is to be at the forefront of technology. Part of this is having the right equipment to supply the end print output, while delivering high quality at the best price in the best timeframe. 

“Foxcil will continue to evolve and adapt so we always offer our clients the best possible solution to deliver value. This means knowing what is new on the market and understanding how it will fit into our business.”

The Solution

Foxcil purchased the bizhub PRESS C71cf Label Press from Konica Minolta to ensure it can continue to address the need for high-quality, fast label printing. 

The Kirwan Print Group is the first to purchase the bizhub PRESS C71cf Label Press in Australasia. 

The bizhub PRESS C71cf is ideal for label printers looking to shift volumes from conventional presses to digital to deal with shorter print run lengths, requests for faster delivery times, personalisation and versioning, and the
production of on-demand runs.

Customer Benefits

  • High quality 
  • Fast turnaround
  • Small footprint 
  • Superior support

Foxcil’s clients demand the highest possible quality, and the company is committed to delivering that. This is made possible with the bizhub PRESS C71cf.

Roger Kirwan said, “Any digital press, no matter what speed it can run, that is printing under 1200dpi, was automatically discounted from the decision-making process. Some printers are happy to compromise quality by delivering manufacturing speed. Foxcil is not prepared to do that and, with the bizhub PRESS C71cf, Foxcil can now print the highest-quality labels more than 60 per cent faster; it’s a win-win.” 

Foxcil shares a factory with its sister company Roller Poster. This means space is at a premium on the production floor, so the bizhub PRESS C71cf’s small footprint is another key benefit. 

Foxcil has been impressed with the support offered by Konica Minolta, which was a critical factor in the decision to install the bizhub PRESS C71cf. Roger Kirwan said, “Foxcil turns around projects in two days and cannot have equipment down for more than a few hours. Konica Minolta offers on-site breakdown service four times faster than our other press supplier.” 

Printing demands that were difficult to fulfil with conventional presses can now be processed efficiently thanks to the flexibility of digital printing. With the bizhub PRESS C71cf Label Press, Foxcil is well-equipped to meet these demands now and into the future.

"With the bizhub PRESS C71cf, Foxcil can now print the highest-quality labels more than 60 per cent faster; it’s a win-win.”
- Roger Kirwan, owner, Foxcil


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