Lavan leverages Konica Minolta OneRate billing for the next step in its paper-less journey

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27 Jun 2023
7 minute read | Legal


Representing Western Australians for more than 125 years, Lavan is a leading, independent full-service law firm based in Perth, Western Australia (WA). Its wide range of services and practice areas cover a broad range of verticals, including agribusiness; banking and finance; construction and infrastructure; mining and resources; property and leasing; wills and estates; and more. Throughout its extensive history, the Lavan team has remained dedicated to making a real difference for its clients, people, and the WA community.


“The all-in-one cost of Konica Minolta’s OneRate is a major benefit for Lavan, as it eliminates the need for multiple invoices, and ensures the business only receives a single monthly invoice for a fixed amount that includes all printing for the month.”

Marco Marcello, Manager of Information Systems, Lavan

The Challenge

  • Control costs and simplify invoicing
  • Easily manage print environment touchpoints
  • Refresh existing fleet of multifunction devices

Since 2016, Lavan has been progressively moving towards being a paperless legal firm and continues to invest in the latest innovative solutions to help streamline business operations. As part of this ongoing evolution, Lavan’s team continues to identify opportunities to redirect resources towards more high-value activities, while also moving away from the traditional cost recovery model that many legal firms still subscribe to.

To achieve this, it is essential for Lavan to have the right foundation across its operations to ensure the business can function as smoothly as possible; this includes fundamental technologies that support core operational processes, such as printing devices. While the business is committed to being paper-less, its operations still require some printing, photocopying, and scanning. Lavan’s existing fleet of printing solutions had reached end-of life and the business needed to upgrade its devices. Lavan replaced its existing fleet with five new Konica Minolta multifunction devices, underpinned by Konica Minolta’s OneRate billing service.

Marco Marcello, manager of information systems, Lavan, said, “Lavan has a long history with Konica Minolta. Moving across to OneRate to support the new fleet of devices was the next step in our shared journey as well as the next step in Lavan’s journey towards becoming a paper-less law firm.”

The Solution

  • OneRate billing
  • New Konica Minolta multifunction devices

Lavan had already been using Konica Minolta devices for more than five years. Completely satisfied with the device quality and the comprehensive support Lavan received from the company, the Lavan team wanted to continue using Konica Minolta devices.

Marco Marcello said, “Konica Minolta has worked well for the last five-and-a-half years, and Lavan is happy with the support the Konica Minolta team provides. While there was a need to upgrade the device fleet, there was no need to switch providers. The new devices with OneRate were an easy decision. OneRate provides budget clarity and removes the overhead of the traditional billing process, which frees up time for the IT team.

Customer Benefits

The upgraded fleet of five new Konica Minolta multifunction devices with OneRate billing support was rolled out using a phased implementation to minimise staff disruption. As Lavan’s workforce was already familiar with Konica Minolta products, the migration to the new technology was an effortless process requiring minimal training.

The biggest benefit for Lavan in its fleet upgrade has been the addition of OneRate, which has helped the team realise significant savings of 30 per cent compared to a traditional cost-per-copy model.

Marco Marcello said, “While Lavan is on a long-term journey to becoming a less-paper, and ultimately paperless, business, there is still a need across areas of the business for photocopying, scanning, and printing. The all-in-one cost of Konica Minolta’s OneRate is a major benefit for Lavan, as it eliminates the need for
multiple invoices, and ensures the business only receives a single monthly invoice for a fixed amount that includes all printing for the month.

“Upgrading the device fleet ensures the fundamentals of the business keep running as they should, which is essential for Lavan to continue to service its clients. OneRate has been a value-add as it also ensures the basics work cost-effectively.”

  • Savings of 30 per cent compared to traditional cost per copy model
  • Minimal staff disruption and no interruption to productivity
  • Effortless migration
  • Minimal training required


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