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04 Oct 2019
| Legal

Customer Success Story: Madgwicks Lawyers

Madgwicks Lawyers (Madgwicks) is a Melbourne-based commercial law firm providing legal solutions for organisations and individuals in the franchising, funds management and superannuation, specialist residential and hospitality, and sports law sectors. The firm employs approximately 100 people and focuses its services on the Melbourne area.


"Through the training provided by Konica Minolta, people’s fears were very quickly allayed as they discovered just how easy the machines are to use. Consequently, the transition has been much smoother than other similar implementations I’ve been involved in."

- Scott Butler, IT and project delivery manager, Madgwicks Lawyers

The Challenge

  • printer fleet needed to be updated and consolidated
  • reduction in operating charges and, by extension, waste
  • scanning and workflows needed to be streamlined

Like all law firms, Madgwicks relies heavily on reams of paperwork related to each matter it handles and required an efficient system to manage the workload.

Scott Butler, IT and project delivery manager, Madgwicks Lawyers, said, “There was no pull-printing solution in place, which meant that staff required printers on their desks to avoid confidentiality issues when printing out client-related documents.

“When staff members scanned a document using the existing system, it was often very challenging to find that document in the system. Without an optical character recognition (OCR) solution in place, staff members could only search filenames but not content. Therefore, if they didn’t already know the filename that the document was saved under, it could be almost impossible to find that document again.”

Madgwicks needed a scanning solution that would make it simple to find the scanned document in the system. The firm also wanted to improve printing processes by implementing a pull-printing system that would let staff members print to any device in the office and retrieve their print job by swiping a badge. The firm needed a system that would track usage, and through its reporting tools, assist in formulating policy around user behaviour.

There was also a requirement to remove all desktop printers to simplify device management and reduce costs.

The Solution

  • Konica Minolta MFD fleet
  • YSoft SafeQ

Madgwicks went to market and engaged a number of suppliers and third-party partners to search for the most appropriate solution. Print & Workflow Solutions (PWS) recommended a Konica Minolta solution that included Y Soft print management software.

Scott Butler said, “The Konica Minolta solution appealed to Madgwicks because of the ease of managing it as an integrated system. It was important to have a fleet of devices from one vendor so we could leverage that vendor’s knowledge and, quite simply, have a single point of contact for support.”

Using the Y Soft print management solution, Madgwicks staff members were able to move from a printer on every desk to a far more streamlined fleet. The firm has seven Konica Minolta bizhub C759 and three Konica Minolta bizhub C3851 multifunction colour printers with fast output and advanced scan capture functionality from the built-in touchscreen.

Customer Benefits

  • cost-effective printer fleet
  • streamlined processes and time savings
  • enhanced operational visibility, management and reporting

At first, there was some trepidation among the staff at the prospect of change.

Scott Butler said, “I’ve worked in numerous offices where taking someone’s printer away is like cutting off their hand. However, through the detailed pre-work carried out by PWS and Konica Minolta personnel, training provided and the ease of use of the Konica Minolta devices and Y Soft software, people’s fears were very quickly allayed. Consequently, the transition has been much smoother than other similar implementations I’ve been involved in.”

Madgwicks staff members have experienced significant improvements in their print and scan workflow.

Scott Butler said, “The accounts department is already using the highlighting techniques available when scanning to help them with trust account receipting every month, which is a huge win for them. They get the files in, named exactly what they’ve highlighted, so they know what receipt needs to go where immediately. In the past, this process would have required them to open the file, read the receipt, find the relevant information, close the file, and save it. Now, they can drag and drop the files, which is easy and saves massive amounts of time.

“Even with regular scanning, the OCR capabilities mean simple things like PDFs are orientated the right way. This has been a pleasant surprise for many of the staff who had never seen this type of capability before. This saves time because it means staff members don’t have to spend time turning pages around, removing blank pages, and re-saving documents. In a law firm where time is money, this is invaluable.”

Working with PWS and Konica Minolta has been seamless for the firm.

Scott Butler said, “From the delivery to the transition from the old system to the new, PWS and Konica Minolta kept us informed at all times. Even when we’ve placed service calls following the implementation, the response has been fast and efficient.”

“I’ve been very impressed since working with PWS and Konica Minolta.”

"This is the best machine I’ve ever seen. It saves time and hassle, and gives customers an outstanding result without adding unnecessary cost."
- Scott Butler, IT and project delivery manager, Madgwicks Lawyers


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