Security Transfer Registrars (Now Automic Group) opens up new revenue stream with fast, economical Konica Minolta printers

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07 Mar 2017
| Finance

Customer Success Story: Security Transfer Registrars (Now Automic Group)

Security Transfer Registrars (STR) is a family-owned business providing professional share registry services to listed and unlisted companies
throughout Australia and internationally. Based in Perth with offices in Sydney and Melbourne, the company delivers customised service
solutions, ensuring seamless, timely, and valuable reporting suited to individual companies and their investors’ needs.


“We chose Konica Minolta as a supplier because they were cost effective and provided outstanding support. That support gave us the confidence to go ahead with this venture.”

Alex Anastasakis, Director, Security Transfer Registrar

The Challenge

STR aimed to develop a new revenue stream by printing and dispatching documents for clients. This was a natural extension for the company, which already managed company registry data. 

Alex Anastasakis, director, STR, said, “By printing and dispatching documents like Notice of Meeting booklets, proxy forms, and other industry-compliant forms, we offer a one-stop-shop to clients. The advantage for clients is that we can provide, manage, and process the documents, as well as maintaining the integrity of clients’ registry data.

“As well as sending out the forms, we can manage their return. We use scanning technology to process the forms and provide clients with daily reporting.” 

In order to develop this new revenue stream, STR needed to purchase production printers capable of printing complex documents, fast and accurately.

Alex Anastasakis said, “We needed to find the right equipment at the right price, and we needed to be assured of strong support and service. As the business world moves closer towards digitising everything, the need for printed documents is expected to reduce and will eventually disappear. I estimate we have a five-to-10-year window of opportunity, so we needed to act fast.”

The Solution

To keep the cost of printing as low as possible, while delivering high speeds STR purchased seven Konica Minolta printers ranging from multi-function devices (MFDs) for general office requirements to production colour and high-volume monochrome systems. 

One of the selected printers, the bizhub PRESS 2250P, offers high productivity, accuracy and speed with consistently high image quality. It features a mono print speed of 250 images per minute (ipm) duplex and a maximum paper capacity of 18,000 sheets. It was designed to print 1,000,000 pages per month, making it perfect for a high-volume business such as STR.

Alex Anastasakis said, “The documents we print are distributed as a matter of compliance. Unlike advertising material or brochures, for example, they don’t need to be visually striking. They simply need to convey information accurately. If the cost per print was too high, we would be unable to compete in the marketplace. So being able to print fast and at a low cost was the key requirement.” 

STR went to its original office printer supplier who wasn’t able to fulfil the company’s requirements. The company then worked with Konica Minolta to scope out its requirements and choose the right machines for the job. 

Alex Anastasakis said, “We chose Konica Minolta as a supplier because they were cost effective and provided outstanding support. That support gave us the confidence to go ahead with this venture.”

Customer Benefits

Since being able to create the new revenue stream, STR has increased its overall revenue by approximately 20 per cent, which is a strong result for the company. 

Alex Anastasakis said, “We’re really happy with what the new business has been able to deliver, enabled by the fast, reliable Konica Minolta printers. We were originally expecting the equipment to pay for itself within three years and we are well ahead of that plan. 

“We are inundated with client work and, although we would love to expand our services, at this point we are working pretty much at capacity. That’s a good result given we are just 18 months into this venture, and proves that we made the right decision.” 

As well as providing the fast, cost-effective printers the company needed, Konica Minolta also helped STR locate, test, purchase, deliver, and commission a second-hand crash folding machine, saving the company approximately $50,000.

“We’re really happy with what the new business has been able to deliver, enabled by the fast, reliable Konica Minolta printers. We were originally expecting the equipment to pay for itself within three years and we are well ahead of that plan."
- Alex Anastasakis, director, STR


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