Highway Press purchases AccurioPress C7100 series at PacPrint 2022 for increased productivity and efficiency

13 Jul 2022

Sydney, Australia, 14 July 2022 - Konica Minolta Australia has announced that Highway Press has purchased its fifth Konica Minolta printer, the AccurioPress C7100 series, at PacPrint 2022 to take advantage of the versatility, productivity, and efficiency benefits the AccurioPress C7100 offers. 

Highway Press is a family-owned business that specialises in a range of commercial offset, digital, large format, and point-of-sale printing across industries including local councils, retail, and logistics. Highway Press wanted to upgrade its digital press with a solution that would provide more flexibility on what it could offer, including leveraging a larger sheet size. Highway Press came to Konica Minolta at PacPrint 2022 for help due to the longstanding, reliable, and trusted relationship it had built.

Rick Alsop, general manager, Highway Press, said, “The renewal was coming up on the existing digital printer. To meet the demands of a more competitive market, the business needed a machine with new technology and more customisable features. Konica Minolta is a long-time supplier for Highway Press, supplying four previous machines, and providing excellent service and support. Highway Press approached the Konica Minolta team to find a better solution for the business to meet changing customer needs, which it found in the versatility and flexibility of the AccurioPress C7100.”

The AccurioPress C7100 series is a digital colour press with a high-speed print engine that runs at 100 colour pages per minute. It provides a customisable option to run larger sheet sizes up to 400gsm and the flexibility to handle embossed and textured media. Highway Press also opted to include the IQ-501 Intelligent Quality Optimiser to ensure perfect colour consistency and front-to-back registration on every print with real-time adjustments.

Rick Alsop said, “It’s tough in the printing market at the moment, so businesses need to do everything they can to remain competitive. The C7100 will help Highway Press enhance its offerings with customised packaging due to the larger sheet size. The C7100 will also help improve productivity, through enhanced efficiency, with the machine able to print 15 pages per minute faster than the previous machine.”

David Paterson, production print specialist, Konica Minolta Australia, said, “With the C7100, Highway Press has the potential to expand its print offerings and bring select projects in-house. It provides the business with a faster digital print platform, enhanced customisation for packaging runs, as well as improved colour quality from the IQ-501 Intelligent Quality Optimiser.

“The new technologies and features within the C7100 allow advanced capability to handle embossed and textured media, including the ability to process print jobs with the least amount of resources, making the C7100 the optimal choice for the future of Highway Press.”


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