Fast, precise and flexible color management that produces the highest colour quality. 

  • Konica Minolta Spectrodensitometer 
  • EFI Spectrophotometer



Key features

Colour measurement
Quick and accurate
Fiery Colour Profiler Suite
Unique device profile software
Industry recognised
Colour measurement standard
Reduce waste with accurate results
Other features:
  • Our range of spectrodensitometers includes our own developed FD-5BT device that covers an impressive range of colour and density measurements. We also offer the industry-leading EFI ES-2000 device that is well recognised as the standard in colour measurement devices.
  • Precise colour measurement - reliable and accurate reading of colour information that gives control back to the operator. Reduce waste and get results faster - significantly improve colour quality, minimise waste and reduce time for set up and calibration. The result is greater operational efficiency, and more consistent output quality.
  • Greater customer satisfaction - The last ten years have seen colour control, transformed, making it possible to achieve consistency from design to final product to meet today’s complex colour demands. These devices help you achieve this high level of colour accuracy - a definite advantage in today’s competitive marketplace.
  • Products include Konica Minolta Spectrodensitometer and EFI Spectrodensitometer.

Fast, precise and flexible color management that produces the highest colour quality.


Device typeSpectrodensitometer | Spectrophotometer
Product CategoryColour profile measurement | Colour profile measurement
Measurement ModesM0 M1 M2 | M0 M2
Inter-Instrument AgreementDeltaE < 0.3 | DeltaE < 1
RepeatabilityDeltaE < 0.05 | DeltaE < 0.1
Measurement Area3.5 mm | 4.5 mm
Wavelength CompensationYes | Yes
Light SourceLED | Gas filled tungsten/UV LED
InterfaceUSB 2.0 | USB 2.0
Stand Alone SpotYes | No
PC ConnectedScan/Spot | Scan/Spot
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