Are you leveraging the power of data capture technology?

Automated data capture takes the power of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to a whole new level - with its ability to manipulate data. This powerful technology is transforming many business processes by its ability to capture specific data and transfer it into other files such as standard templates and forms.

Our data capture solutions can help you save money and cut hardcopy use - by turning paper-based processes into streamlined, electronic workflows.

Reduce manual processes

More than ever, organisations from every industry are facing pressure to reduce costs, use less paper and protect the environment. From healthcare to human resources, many different industries are recognising the power of data capture solutions and how it can be tailored to streamline their business. With our data capture solutions we can help your business identify how to reduce manual processing and speed up workflow efficiencies by:

  • Automatically converting forms and documents into business-ready data
  • Recognising and converting multiple languages
  • Automating a variety of tasks, such as data entry, document separation and classification by file type - which can be scalable for medium sized and large businesses, to government projects.

Reposition data with the touch of a button

Data capture technology has transformed virtually every industry sector, by providing solutions such as automatic invoice processing to text repositioning anywhere on a page. For instance, the banking and finance industries use data capture technology to process deposit notes and loan applications; insurance companies can process claims and benefit forms; the education sector is using data capture to mark student exams; and government departments have a broad range of ways they are using data capture from reading ballot forms to processing tax returns.

Reduce manual handling and human error

Konica Minolta’s data capture solutions can smartly identify and extract a range of data from large volumes of scanned documents that can then be automatically analysed and edited at once. For instance, data capture can reduce manual handling and human error, particularly when utilising the solution for large volumes of customer orders and invoices. Because Data Capture is an automated process, the captured data goes straight into a database - eliminating the need for it to be handled manually.

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