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Elevate your print and information technology management.

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Revolutionise your IT Service experience with Insight Hub™

Discover a game-changing solution tailored for IT professionals—Insight Hub™. Streamline your service request management, effortlessly handle tickets, and unlock invaluable data insights from both your print fleet and information technology management.

As an IT professional, managing service requests and gaining insights into print and IT can be challenging. Insight Hub™ empowers you to:

Effortlessly manage service requests

Seamlessly generate and manage service tickets directly from Insight Hub™. Say goodbye to operational bottlenecks and embrace a more efficient approach.

Real-time monitoring and transparency

Track the status of service requests in real time, enhancing visibility and enabling swift resolutions. Remain at the forefront with readily available clear insights.

Actionable data intelligence

Leverage powerful data analytics to unlock actionable insights from both your print fleet and information technology. Drive strategic decisions and proactively address challenges.

Enhanced collaboration with Konica Minolta

Centralise your collaboration and engagement with Konica Minolta. Simplify roadmap management and strategic planning for a seamless digital transformation journey.

Personalised support and expertise

Access a dedicated customer experience manager, an expert in digital transformation, to guide you every step of the way.

Informed decision making

Make precise decisions based on valuable data insights from your print and information technology environment, accessed in one easy interface.

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Dedicated CX Manager

Business Assurance Platform (Digital relationship with your ITSM application)

Service desk ticketing

Unlimited personas in Insight Hub

Strategic road map

Centralised Account Management

Access to Insight Hub

MSP Support

Manage Products & Services

Access to Konica Minolta Marketplace

Embrace the benefits

Our new CX App isn’t just another software application – it's a solution built with the focus of enhancing customer satisfaction while making our team’s lives easier.

Experience a new era of streamlined print and IT infrastructure management

Boosted efficiency

Streamline operations and save valuable time in managing both print and IT.


Optimise resource allocation, reduce costs, and boost productivity.

Proactive issue resolution

Anticipate and resolve problems proactively for a smoother workflow.

Consistency in service

Standardise service delivery for a seamless user experience.

Ready to Elevate Your Print and IT Infrastructure Management?

Take charge of your print and IT infrastructure management today. Unlock efficiency, drive productivity, and make data-driven decisions effortlessly with Insight Hub™.

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