Data Capture

Data capture is the process of collecting data which will be processed and used later to fulfil certain purposes. Document capture has the potential to transform most businesses in virtually every industry sector. Save time and money by reducing manual processes and speeding up your workflow with Konica Minolta’s automated data capture technology.

Capture your document data automatically

Digitally capturing the data on your paper documents not only saves your business time and resources when it comes to data entry and paper usage, it also targets and extracts large amounts of information that can be sent straight to your database, putting important data within easy reach.

Data capture features at your fingertips

With Konica Minolta’s automated data capture solutions, you get a selection of cutting-edge capabilities that make document handling quick and simple. With the power to extract a range of data from scanned documents, data capture technology can automatically analyse and edit data at once, reducing mistakes resulting from outdated manual processes.

Konica Minolta’s data capture solutions let you:

  • Automatically convert forms and documents into business-ready data
  • Recognise and convert multiple languages
  • Automate manual tasks such as data entry, document separation, and classification

Easily integrate data with other systems

Konica Minolta’s automated data capture technology can recognise important information on your paper documents. It can extract that data, digitise it, and feed it into internal systems such as databases, your customer relationship management system or enterprise repositories or send to mobile enterprise applications for easy reference.

Automation solutions for businesses of all sizes, in any sector

Whether your business has five people or 500, automated data capture technology has the potential to make life easier for any organisation that deals with paper-based processes.

The right capture solutions for your business

Konica Minolta provides a wide range of solutions – from cost-effective standalone systems for small-to-medium businesses to highly scalable server-based solutions for medium-sized and large organisations.

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