Cost Management

Looking for a simple way to reduce your bottom line? Regardless of the size of your business, your hard costs can rapidly escalate and get out of control if they’re not tracked and monitored.

At Konica Minolta, we offer a range of tailored solutions to help you reduce your paper costs by up to 30%1 - proving that it makes very good business sense to audit print costs. By monitoring and controlling your printing, scanning and copying processes, and knowing who is printing what, when and how much, you can start to identify inefficiencies and change employee habits.

Reduce costs

Our print management solutions can enforce simple rules on each device. For example, a school can set their printer to automatically default to double sided, black and white printing, restrict access to colour printing, and set limits on how much a user can print. These restrictions alone can have a significant and immediate impact on the bottom line.

Restrict access

Print environments that require an authorising PIN or swipe card to access the printer can have a dramatic impact when it comes to reducing print costs - as print jobs are not released to the printer until the user is at the device. This means jobs are only printed when the user releases them from the control panel to print, reducing the amount of unclaimed paper ending up in the recycle bin.

Customise settings

Today’s advanced technology allows businesses to drill down further to identify inefficiencies and cost savings. Intelligent, rule-based printing allows a printer to identify a large volume printing job and re-direct it to the most efficient or fastest device. For instance, a government department needing to print a large policy document can rest assured that large documents are re-routed to a more efficient printer, which ultimately saves money.

Monitor their printing on an ongoing basis

Konica Minolta’s cost management solutions can offer your business complete cost transparency when it comes to your print environment. This is done through by providing comprehensive reports that outline the volume of print usage by individual, department or printing device. These reports are available in different formats and can focus on preferred areas or departments.

1 A CXO’s Guide to Managed Print Services, Photizo Group, 2011

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