Document Navigator

Intelligent document processing for time-saving automation

Are your employees spending a lot of time on admin tasks? Document Navigator is a simple and flexible capture solution that will manage your document process.

Scanning, processing and delivering documents can involve a lot of manual work for one document. With Document Navigator, document-based daily office procedures can be done for you making your processes faster and efficient.

The application reads the necessary information and intelligently processes the document content. E.g. When a document is recognised as an invoice it gets instantly sent to the accounts department. This lets you and your employees focus on the critical business tasks and stop wasting time on administrative processes.

Key Features

Document Capture
Document Navigator allows you to scan or capture documents using a variety of methods. 
Data can be captured through MFDs  or from emails from registered email servers as well as desktop PCs, from a desktop client, databases and FTP servers. 

Documents Processing
Electronic and paper documents can be transformed into files that can be edited and OCR. With barcode recognition, documents can be separated and redirected based on information from bar code. The powerful engine converts the document to various files such as JPEG, TIFF, XML and PDF/A making it adaptable for different needs.

Document Delivery
The document delivery can be automated to network folders or uploaded to an FTP site and various databases. There are several databases that digitised documents can be stored in, such as ERP, DMS or CRM systems. Further efficiencies can be achieved by direct integration with popular cloud based Document and content management systems.

With Document Navigator, companies of any size can close the gaps in their document workflows to create seamless efficiency from the capture via the processing to the delivery of information.

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