Pay for Print

Are you leveraging new technology to maximise your Pay for Print service? ‘Pay for print’ is a solution that is often used in public institutions - such as universities, libraries and adult education centres, where individual users can pay to access print utilities.

Customise the services you provide

Our cutting-edge ‘pay for print’ solutions are simple to install,  with web-based administration tracking tools designed to help you reduce your capital expenditure and ongoing running costs. They can also be tailored and scaled to meet specific needs. For instance, a high school may need a simple manual top-up solution that manages staff and student print quotas, yet a large university would be seeking an integrated solution across multiple campuses, along with coin operated or fully automated credit card and EFTPOS payment systems. Regardless of your needs, we have the solutions and expertise to suit.

Control costs

Enforcing restrictions on ‘pay for print’ swipe cards can help control costs in a number of ways, such as giving specific staff a print-allocation, charging costs back to a specific faculty or department, and facilitating detailed reports on printing usage. All of this can help promote more sustainable practices with regards to paper use, helping you reduce costs and improve your environmental footprint.

Save valuable administration time

‘Pay for print’ solutions eliminate the need for students to pay for expenses with cash, and frees up teachers and administrators who no longer need to spend valuable time reconciling student payments.

Cater for users wanting to use mobile devices

Konica Minolta also provides new walk-up copy and print solutions that meet the increasing needs of the mobile user. Wireless and cloud-based printing solutions have become increasingly important to address the demands of users seeking ways to print from mobile devices.

Reduce costs

With new technology driving the way forward for ‘pay for print’ solutions, we can help your organisation to quickly recoup your software and hardware investment, and reduce your administrator labour costs.

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