Relocate / Collect My Device

Important information on how to relocate or collect and recycle your print device.Data-Security.jpg

Please complete this document if you have a requirement to relocate an existing print device or to have your print device collected for recycling.

Our Relocations team will confirm the relocation / collection details and organise a quote for you which normally takes 24 to 48 hours. Once you sign and return the accepted quote back to us, our relocation team will process your request. 

Please allow 2 business days’ notice to relocate any office print device and 7 business days’ notice for any production print device.  Interstate / regional relocations can take up to between 2 to 4 weeks based on location.

Please note: any existing finance will need to be cleared prior to us being able to collect your print device.

If you have print device relocation requirements across multiple sites, please submit a separate form for each site.

For any questions please email our relocations team via and we will reply to your enquiry within 24 hours.


Please follow two simple steps to submit your print device relocation / collection request:

1. Download this document and complete it.

2. Fill in the requestor contact details below, attach your completed relocation / collection document and submit it online. 



Please note:

If your circumstances around the relocation or collection of your print device change, please email us via


Do I require a Konica Minolta Technician for relocations?

When relocating a print device to a new location you may require a Konica Minolta technician to reconfigure your print device, so it works in the new location. For production print devices relocations and collections, a Konica Minolta technician will be required to decommission and reinstall your print device. This will be a chargeable service and outlined in your quoted price.

Please note: All production print device relocations require a site inspection prior your device being relocated to ensure we have the right site clearance and power requirements. All productions print device relocation quoted pricing is subject to a final site inspection.

Please ensure your IT technical resources are made aware of the relocation as they may be required to make changes to the network environment for the relocated device.

Until the print device is networked, you'll be able to copy but you won't be able to print and scan. If you need to print or scan something urgently, you’ll be able to do it via any USB key.

Providing a final meter reading prior to collection of a print device

Providing a final meter reading is important as this allows Konica Minolta to finalise your bill prior to a collection.


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