iSeries Drum Unit Replacement Process

For bizhub C250i/C300i/C360i 


For bizhub C450i/C550i/C650i/C750i


For bizhub 300i/360i


For bizhub 450i/550i/650i/750i


Simple and easy to follow

These videos take you step by step through the Drum Unit replacement process. Learn how to remove and replace the Drum Units on your bizhub iSeries device.

  1. The replacement procedure for the Drum Unit is the same for all colours (yellow: Y, magenta: M, cyan: C, and black: K).
  2. The Drum Unit can easily be damaged by light. Leave the Drum Unit in its black protective bag until immediately before it is to be installed.
  3. Do not hold the top part of the Drum Unit, otherwise the PC Drum may be damaged, resulting in decreased image quality.
  4. Do not remove the protective sheet until the Drum Unit has been installed.
  5. If the lever is rigid, rotate the lever while applying pressure to the Drum Unit.
  6. After replacing the Drum Unit, it is recommended to clean the Print Head Glass, by using the tool affixed to the inside of the door. (optional)
  7. Place the used Drum Unit in your ‘Toner Recycling Box’ recycling box.



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