Green Practices

Right across our business, we are committed to doing things in the most environmentally-responsible way possible.

Eco-friendly waste recycling

Konica Minolta Australia has developed local strategies to mitigate the environmental impact of our products and business operations. For example, we already collect and recycle equipment at the end of its contract life in all of our branches around the country.

This recycling of equipment is done with ANZRP TechCollect. After recycling, everything is certified as recycled with ANZRP TechCollect’s nominated recyclers, providing us with detailed reports for each batch of electronic waste recycled.

What do we do with our packaging?

Given that our products are not manufactured in Australia, it stands to reason that we will need to use serious packaging in order to protect the product in transit.

For a number years now, Konica Minolta Australia has been sorting our used packaging into various waste streams for recycling and disposal – cardboard recycled in the normal manner and polystyrene going through a crushing process in order to manufacture different types of diesel fuels.

Konica Minolta workshops

In our workshops across Australia:

  • devices are unpacked, and parts and accessories are cross-checked with those ordered;
  • packing and waste products are separated for recycling;
  • devices are pre-configured with customer-supplied information (for example, IP addresses);
  • devices are tested against a stringent set of guidelines.

 As a result, our customers experience:

  • Faster install time, with less mess and less disruption to your premises.
  • A clean and ordered install - with recycling of packaging taken care of, and all waste disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Delivery of reliable devices from day one, with each brand new Konica Minolta device being pre-configured and ready to go.

Recycling Konica Minolta consumables and devices

Right across our business, we are committed to doing things in the most environmentally-responsible way possible, including providing free and easy-to-access recycling services to reduce our impact on the environment and help our customers achieve their sustainability goals

Consumable Collection and Recycling Service

Konica Minolta’s commitment to the environment is demonstrated through our partnership with Close the Loop and our cartridge collection and recycling program. 

The recycling program is provided free to Konica Minolta customers, and a collection service is also provided free-of-charge to customers in metropolitan areas who use a minimum of 3 imaging consumables per month from any Konica Minolta MFD or printer. Non-metropolitan customers, or customers with fewer than the required volume of consumables per month can return their consumables by dropping them into public drop-off points in Officeworks, Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi, The Good Guys, Office Brands.

Device Recycling

Konica Minolta take responsibility for the whole life cycle of our products. We have an equipment recycling agreement with the Australia New Zealand Recycling Platform (ANZRP) TechCollect to provide sustainable, secure end-of-life destruction and recycling services that meet stringent health, safety and environmental standards.

The process is accredited to ISO14001:2016, AS/NZS 5377:2013 and the R2:2013 standards and achieves 90+% recovery, based on the product mix.

The ANZRP represents some of the world’s leading electronics brands providing safe and responsible collection, processing and recycling of e-waste and, is the only not-for-profit co-regulatory arrangement operating under Australia’s National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme (NTCRS). Operating under the regulatory framework of the Recycling and Waste Reduction Act 2020 and the Recycling and Waste Reduction (Product Stewardship-televisions and computers) Rules 2021, the NTCRS recognises that government, industry and the community have a shared responsibility to reduce waste, increase recycling and manage the environmental, health and safety impacts of the products that we use.

All materials received by ANZRP’s accredited and certified recyclers in each state are processed according to Australian Local, State and Federal laws and in a safe and environmentally controlled manner, eliminating waste to landfill. Used Electronic Waste is disposed of as prescribed under the Federal Hazardous Waste Act (1989) and the guidelines of the Basel Convention (1994).


Working together towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS). Learn more here.

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