Solutions for Education K-12

When there are hundreds of student reports, parent communication slips and lesson worksheets to be created and managed, printing costs and document management can quickly get out of hand.


Discover new efficiencies

Konica Minolta's solutions for primary education integrate with your student information system (SIS) and can quickly unlock a range of efficiencies.

Our primary school sector services can help you:

  • automate and digitise how you keep in touch with parents and students
  • provide self-service content management for all kinds of educational and support material
  • streamline student record management and your print management.

Keep track of print costs, identify inefficiencies, and improve productivity so you won’t have to pick and choose when it comes to delivering learning materials to students. With Konica Minolta’s cost management solutions, you don’t have to let tight budgets dictate the educational material students receive. Do more with your budget

Reduce costs

Streamline your printing devices and reduce wastage. Use swipe cards or PIN codes to reduce paper wastage and reduce the amount of unnecessary printing. Control student and staff printing by using printing restrictions to limit print quotas.

Move to digital content management

By digitising your school’s documents you can quickly unlock a range of print-cost savings. Use our content management solutions to scan and convert all kinds of printed materials into convenient PDFs you can supply via your school website, digital drop-box, or by attaching to emails.

3D printing

Open your students’ eyes and their minds using 3D design and printing. 3D printing is fast becoming an invaluable skill in engineering, science, and all kinds of media production and manufacturing. In fact, today 3D printing is seen as an effective learning tool for conveying concepts in almost every education discipline. Keep your classrooms on the cutting-edge with Konica Minolta’s 3D printing technology. 

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