How Konica Minolta 3D Printing Solutions help with rapid prototyping

18 Aug 2017

As an innovative manufacturer of high quality radio communications equipment, the production of timely, cost-effective prototypes and end-products is critical for GME and their customers. Detailed fit checks, market testing and product reliability checking is a challenge prior to production.  In this video, we talk about how GME has partnered with Konica Minolta to produce rapid 3D printed prototypes.

Technology/Application: ProJet 3500 MJP/Prototyping, Form-Fit-Function testing, Rapid Tooling

Solution: ProJet 3500 MultiJet Printer has delivered valuable and detailed production of cost effective, full-scale mock ups for ergonomic testing, feature validation and assembly fit checks prior to end production.

Benefit: The production of rapid 3D printed prototypes has enabled GME to reduce the design to manufacturing cycle, more flexible production of better designed radio communication products that meet the needs to more customers through more customised products and help the company innovate faster. Cost effective production of these parts has meant that move to production cheaper, quicker and more confidently. Konica Minolta’s support services, including logistics and onsite service support ensure that GME continue production and deliver innovation to their growing customer base.


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