Key considerations for food packaging: Konica Minolta AccurioLabel 230 receives compliance with Swiss ordinance and Nestlé guidelines

12 Aug 2021

Konica Minolta has recently received confirmation that its AccurioLabel 230 digital label printing system complies with the Swiss ordinance and Nestlé guidelines for food packaging safety. The AccurioLabel 230 produces food-grade safe toner labels for indirect packaging.

Safe food packaging extends the shelf life of fresh food and drink products, transports produce further, reduces food waste, and improves sustainability. Consumer demand is pushing manufacturers and distributors to deliver shorter runs of packaged goods at a faster pace; however, manufacturers and packaging businesses need to maintain food-safe practices throughout the supply chain no matter how small the order is or how fast it is required. This includes making sure the packaging is safe for the end consumer and the contents inside remain uncontaminated, as well as making sure the packaging is on brand.

Food packaging plays a crucial role in maintaining the safety and integrity of the food by:

  • protecting the food during lengthy storage times, rough handling processes, and shipping
  • keeping the food safe from external elements including contamination, heat, and physical damage
  • improving shelf life and maintaining freshness
  • preventing tampering and physical damage.

Why AccurioLabel 230 compliance with Swiss ordinance is important

While Australia and New Zealand have its own industry body, Food Standards Australia New Zealand, many standards followed in Australia and New Zealand come from the US and Europe. This means compliance with Swiss Ordinance and Nestlé guidelines gives Konica Minolta customers added assurance that the AccurioLabel 230 meets global standards.

The Swiss Printing Inks Ordinance is a set of legislated provisions for packaging safety. It describes the conditions relating to printing inks for non-food contact surfaces of food contact materials and lists some of the suggested permitted substances used in the manufacturing of inks for food contact materials. The Swiss Ordinance applies to all food packaging made in Switzerland, but also for all imported food packaging. It has a two-part positive list with approved substances for the printing of food packaging. By selecting the Nestlé Guidance Note on packaging inks as a basic requirement, the Swiss Ordinance also shows relevance over national borders.[1]

Supermarkets are now demanding that manufacturers adhere to the new legislation to make sure all food is safely packaged. Manufacturers need to understand and be aware of the changing environment and the raw materials they use to make the industry as safe as possible for the end consumer.

Key considerations in food packaging compliance

The recent pandemic has also emphasised the need to produce goods onshore and decrease reliance on global supply chains. This creates opportunities for local manufacturers and packaging businesses; however, they also have a responsibility when ramping up operations.

There are many requirements and consequences to consider in producing legally compliant food packaging. When choosing raw materials, manufacturers should base decisions on analysis by accredited laboratories to comply with purity criteria and ban lists. During production, it’s important to establish quality control and safety by appropriately processing all materials under controlled process conditions. When the product is finished, it must be traceable on all levels and guaranteed to be inert through conformity evaluation, preferably with external testing laboratories.

The AccurioLabel 230 label printer offers increased productivity, job flexibility, operability, and excellent image quality. As an affordable digital label printing solution, it works well for business expansion and collaborative use with analogue machines. The innovative technology provides good light fastness and excellent colour gamut. Customers can have peace of mind knowing that they can adhere to safe food packaging regulations for indirect packaging at the highest level.

Complying with food safety requirements can make label printers more competitive, driving growth. To better understand the key considerations for packaging compliance and how the AccurioLabel 230 can help, reach out to the Konica Minolta team today. Contact us here


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