27 Nov 2018
Stand out from the crowd: How embellishment can open up new revenue streams for printers

How embellishment can open up new revenue streams for printers

Gone are the days of simple jobs where the choice was between two- or four-colour printing. Now, customers want to stand out and engage the senses with special coatings, foil, embossing, scratch-and-smell, you name it. These kinds of embellishments can help your customers stand out from the crowd and send a clear message about the quality they offer. So, it makes sense to expand your offering to include embellishments.

If you’ve resisted adding embellishments to your services in the past because of high costs or the specialised knowledge required, then read on. The latest MGI digital embellishment systems brought to you by Konica Minolta can help you offer embellishing at a fraction of the cost and hassle you would have experienced in the past.

And, perhaps more importantly, this can help you open up new revenue streams and grow your business.  

Investing in the right machine

Investing in a specialty machine can deliver previously unheard-of capabilities to your commercial printing business. For example, you could choose a machine that can convert regular printed output to high-margin spot UV printed sheets or even 3D embossed jobs with up to 100 microns of varnish applied, lifting the image off the page and making colours pop.

Or, you could choose a digital embellishment system that brings regular four-colour toner printing and high-quality foiling together. Some printers with embellishment capabilities are modular. For example, the MGI embellishment systems brought to you by Konica Minolta allow you to start with the print unit and add the foiling unit later, reducing risk.

Lowering the cost of embellishments for increased profits

Printers with foiling capacity eliminate the need for dies and a long make-ready process, so you can foil stamp dynamically. There’s no silk, no film, no make-ready, and no set-up. Just a digital mask to define the foiling area, while the heat and pressure process of the toner bonds the foil to the paper.

This streamlined process helps you get more value from each print.

It means you can offer embellishments without the high price of entry that used to exist. In fact, you can offer embellished print jobs at higher margins, making them more profitable.

The dramatic output of embellished jobs means customers are willing to pay a premium. They know that the finished product will look amazing and mark their company as one of quality and creativity. By helping your customers stand out from the crowd, you can achieve a return on your investment in the printer very quickly.

Opening up new revenue streams

By adding the ability to embellish print jobs in various ways, you can differentiate your services and potentially appeal to a whole new group of potential customers. Adding highly-profitable effects in a single pass with a high-quality printer will make your print jobs stand out from the crowd.

This will let you offer eye-catching:

  • decorative jobs
  • small and luxury packaging
  • marketing collateral
  • greeting cards and gift cards
  • book covers
  • business cards
  • publishing
  • and more.

Contact Konica Minolta today to see how the digital embellishment systems from MGI can help you expand your service offering, opening up new revenue streams and helping your business grow.

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