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On-demand Innovation Webinar

Grab a notebook, sit back, and discover how to accelerate change in your business or organisation

Get the insights to kick start innovation in your business

Engendering true change in organisations is a often a long process, but once the ball is rolling, the results can be staggering. Often, the highest barrier to innovation is knowing where to start.

Chaired by Tracy Spicer, this 40 minute on-demand webinar covers:

  • The state of innovation in Australia today
  • How innovative organisations drive change from the top
  • Discussions around the key to driving true, lasting innovation
  • Start-up culture and Australia’s position in the world business context

If you’re looking for help kicking off your new innovation project, or just want to hear from some of Australia's most respected innovators,  this quick hit of crucial innovation info is for you.


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