3D printing and higher education

Are your students and researchers Industry 4.0 ready?

3D printing is an increasingly essential tool in educational institutes

Today 3D printing is seen as an effective learning tool for conveying concepts in almost every education discipline. Empower your students and faculty and stay at the forefront of this emerging discipline with the latest in 3D printing technology from Konica Minolta.

Interested in more?

Discover the different types of 3D printers

There are several different types of 3D print which are each unique depending on what the desired outcome is.

What is Atomic Diffusion Additive Manufacturing?

What is Atomic Diffusion Additive Manufacturing?

Discover the latest methods of metal printing which encases particles providing structural integrity, and recycling the needed particles for sustainability.

Copper 3D printing opens up new opportunities

Copper 3D printing opens up new opportunities

Read more about how printing Copper has recently become possible enabling disciplines such as electrical engineering to rethink creativity.

Rapid Prototyping: Increasing Agility in Design and Manufacturing

We guide you through the benefits and types of rapid prototyping, material options and the important questions to ask before getting started. Learn Which 3D printing technology is right for your application in our free to download ebook.


Be inspired by Manufacturing the Future and discover how the University of Adelaide tackled rapid prototyping with 3D printing technology.



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