Accelerate Your Business with 3D Printing Materials for Prototyping and Production Applications

Materials Buyer’s Guide

An introduction to 3D printing plastics and their particular characteristics and applications

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With ever-evolving technologies and materials, the range of addressable applications across industries has never been so varied or offered such huge opportunities.

Use this guide to help navigate through your material choices and help you decide which material is ideal for your project, whether it’s concept modeling, functional testing, rapid tooling or direct 3D parts manufacturing.

We partnered with 3D Systems to expand production solutions nation wide, and collaborated with their materials scientists who are constantly working to grow the capabilities of additive manufacturing through the development of more material options and various material qualities to enhance Australian manufacturing processes.

Keep this guide handy as a useful reference to 3D printing plastic materials and their uses including:

➝ Specialist engineering polymers

➝ Elastomers

➝ Composites



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