Fleet Space Pioneering the World's First 3D Printed Nano Satellite

Discover how we helped Australia’s leading space company

Konica Minolta and Fleet Space Partner to Create World's First 3D Printed Nano Satellite

Check out what Fleet Space had to say about Konica Minolta.

"Konica Minolta is a technology partner, they're one of those companies who have supported us immensely and it's not just their help giving us subject matter experts and putting us in contact with 3D systems but it's their support as well, it's the amount of help they've given us over the years as a partner to develop our designs and how they can best be 3D printed." 

- Dr Kristopher Kempt, PHD, Lead assembly technician, Fleet Space

Watch our video below the find out how:

  • Fleet Space is leading the way in innovative manufacturing for the aerospace industry.
  • Our cutting-edge technologies are assisting in the next giant leap in human civilisation.
  • We’re utilising the DMP Flex 350 3D as a manufacturing tool and innovation enabler.

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