Rapid Prototyping

Increasing Agility in Design and Manufacturing

Download your essential guide to prototyping and deriving strategic benefits from 3D printing

Today’s product development landscape is characterised by high demand for variety, increasing customer expectations, and near constant innovation. And to top it all off, product lifetimes are shrinking. 3D Printing or additive manufacturing as it is otherwise known provides an opportunity for manufacturers to prototype much more rapidly and improve the speed in which they bring products to market.

Just as designers are pushing simulation forward in their process, bringing prototyping into the early stages of product development is a cost-effective way to create a virtuous feedback loop, increasing product knowledge and insight with every iteration.

There are essentially two main types of prototypes: those that need to look like the end product, and those that need to perform like the end product. Of course, there are plenty of gradients in between, but this simplified view can help you identify where your needs fall on the appearance-function spectrum.

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