Konica Minolta’s enterprise information services can connect transactional data with unstructured information across multiple formats and sources. This means seamless access to critical information, processes, and data, both in the office and from other locations.


Through our subsidiary company, Stonebridge Systems, Konica Minolta is one of Australia’s leading integrators of ECM systems with enterprise resource planning (ERP) system transactions and processes.

Accounts payable automation

Open up new areas for cost savings, better cash management, and improved payment processes through digitising and automating your accounts payable process and integrating with your ERP system.

Employee file management

Make human resources more efficient by digitising and managing employee records with an employee file management solution. This capability lets the HR department become a strategic force rather than administrative operation by lowering costs and increasing employee satisfaction.

Data archiving

As your data grows, it takes more of your resources to manage it usefully and maintain compliance. We can help you archive all of your enterprise information including emails, files, SharePoint data, and structured information like ERP data, ensuring it remains usable without draining resources.

Archiving can improve the performance of your systems, reduce storage costs, reduce risk, and increase compliance.

Enterprise asset management

Equipment failures and plant outages can have a devastating effect on a business. The first line of defence is to keep a complete record of all maintenance operations. Konica Minolta can help you manage the proliferation of data and deliver in process collaboration and mobility solutions so that you can achieve a higher return on your asset investments.

Travel expense management

Reduce the burden of processing travel receipts from employees and managers by streamlining expense processes with a travel expense management solution. The solution will speed up the claims process, provide insight to help control spending, and free up administrative resources so you can focus on your core business.




Contract management

Case management

Sales order processing

Accounts payable automation

Travel expense management

Data archiving

Supplier and contract management

Employee file management

Enterprise asset management







Support & maintenance


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