By Konica Minolta 26 Oct 2011


GJI combines colour intelligence with Konica Minolta

The Client – GJI

Konica Minolta and GJI had been working indirectly together for a few years before GJI and Konica Minolta formed an official partnership in February 2011.

Formed 12 years ago, GJI is an innovative data intelligence business that provides its clients a service which enables them to communicate with its customers in a highly personalised way through targeted marketing communications.

Like many companies, GJI had previously outsourced any colour work given to them. The company's existing mono equipment simply didn't provide the functions needed for them to produce increasingly requested, digital colour solutions. This increase in demand from clients for GJI to produce high quality material within a short period of time compelled them to approach Konica Minolta for a colour solution.

This solution was the purchase of four bizhub PRO 1200s and two bizhub PRESS C8000s. This was not only an increase in the amount of machines for GJI to send jobs to, impressions were increased from 480 per minute to 2010 per minute. The speed and quality of the work produced by GJI increased immediately.

Consequently, no longer having to outsource their jobs also meant GJI has been able to better control their work flow by enabling them to take on all of their work in-house. GJI now has more than ample equipment to adequately meet their needs with room for growth. Mark James, Managing Director at GJI, is extremely pleased to be able to execute colour digitally now, saying, "It's easier to deal with document security and turnaround time."

James has provided overwhelming positive feedback regarding Konica Minolta in terms of quality service and customer support. After GJI experienced a couple of challenging projects, Konica Minolta alleviated the situation by working closely with their team to achieve a desirable job outcome. They have a "genuine desire for support." James exclaimed.

In addition to their valuable consumer client relationship, GJI appreciates the technological elements of Konica Minolta's products, "It just works well and we have great customer support."

GJI investigated various other options before committing to Konica Minolta, but decided ultimately that the alternatives didn't quite suit, "I felt the size of their business was fitting, their quote was very competitive but in the end the Konica Minolta services were a component we couldn't ignore."

After three gratifying years with Konica Minolta, GJI believes it was a quality investment for the company.


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